Thrifty on Broadway

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Thrifty on Broadway has a wonderful collection of unique and eclectic accoutrements .
Sitting alongside each other on the shelves are 78 Records, handmade vases, silverware, typewriters, and a vast array of beautiful clothing.

We also have the most amazing collection of vintage and retro jewellery; we think,
the best in the area.
These include fabulous clip-on and hook earrings, gorgeous necklaces,
beads, bangles and the mostsensational array brooches from the 60s and 70s.

You might also like to peruse our rambling collection of books.
We stock vintage books on a wide rangeof subjects.
There are also modern bestsellers, heaps of magazines, and a tempting collection of

Thrifty on Broadway has everything you weren’t looking for, but glad you found.
Drop in and say hello to Bandit, the dog, and Susan, the human.

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